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Table 1 Big data projects for different development areas and tools for big data analytics

From: Big data for development: applications and techniques

Project Reference Type Open Data Description
Humanitarian emergencies
Ushahidi [71] Online Service Crowdsourcing platform, merging data from various sources for various humanitarian emergencies.
Digital Humanitarian Network [72] Online Service Network of IT volunteers to leverage the technology to fight human crises.
Trace the Face [73] Non-profit Crowdsourced online platform to help find separated migrants.
GNUcoop [33] Online Service Network of IT professional to deploy information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D).
Open Street Map [74] Non-profit Real-time, online and crowdsourced map service to map a natural crisis of a region.
Pakistan Body Count [75] Online Analysis Makes use of publicly available data to map the casualties caused by suicide bombing and drone attacks in Pakistan.
Services Advisor (UNHCR) [34] Web App Real-time, interactive map services for migrant to find aid agencies’ operations and locations quickly.
Personal Genome Project (PGP) [76] Non-profit Publicly shared genomic data for research purposes.
1000 Genomes Project [77, 78] Non-profit Human genome sequencing to study the relationship between phenotypes and genotypes.
Google Flu Trends [43] Non-profit Inactive now, but provides data about flu and dengue trends for different regions. (Health) [79] Governmental Open health data, tools and applications from the US Government.
UNGP (Health Projects) [80] Non-profit Provides health case studies over different regions of the world.
Health Data (The World Bank) [81] Non-profit Publicly available health data from The World Bank’s projects and studies.
Individualized Health Initiative (JHU) [82] Academic Research initiative to promote individualized healthcare by combining and analyzing patients’ data from various sources.
Human Connectome Project [83, 84] Non-profit Accurate mapping of human connectome.
PSLC Data Shop [85, 86] Non-profit Open data repository of learning data for educational data mining.
Educational Data Mining [48] Non-profit Community dedicated for R&D based on learning data mining of different education data. (Education) [87] Governmental Open data, tools and apps related to education at all levels from the US Government.
Education Data (The World Bank) [88] Non-profit Open data from The World Bank’s projects and studies related to education.
Alltuition [89] Online Service NA Makes use of open education data to provide students’ with best possible educational financial opportunities.
Simple Tuition [90] Online Service NA Provides information related to different financial opportunities provides by the educational institutes.
Mastery Connect [49] Service Provider NA Tool provides teachers with the real-time understanding level of each student of his/her class.
Knewton [50] Service Provider NA Adaptive tool for to enable individualized learning and teaching.
ThinkCERCA [51] Service Provider NA Personalized online teaching tool, enable teachers to design and teach according to the changing standards.
UNGP (Education Projects) [80] Non-profit Educational case studies over different regions of the world.
Billion Prices Project [91] Academic Data from many online retailers are analyzed for near real-time economic research. [92] Service Provider Data collection and predictive analytcs for business growth and market understanding.
Be Data Driven [93] Service Provider Development of products for various organization based on their data.
First Mile Geo [94] Service Provider A platform for data collection, visualization and analysis. [6] Governmental Provides open data for different field, e.g., health, education, agriculture etc.
UNGP [95] Non-profit Dedicated to deploy technology and especially big data for development.
The World Bank (Data) [96] Non-profit Provides open data from its various studies and projects for different fields.
Tools for big data analytics
Open Data Kit (ODK) [97] Open Source Tool NA Provides online tools for data collection and analysis.
RapidMiner [98] Open Source Tool NA Predictive analytics platform.
Hadoop [99] Open Source Tool NA Open source tool for distributed computations on large amounts of data.
Weka [100, 101] Open Source Tool NA Open source tool to deploy machine learning algorithms for analytics on big data.
Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon) [102] Processing Tool NA Data processing service for large amounts of data.