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Table 2 Data sources and application areas of big data analytics for development

From: Big data for development: applications and techniques

Data type Medium Application area(s) References (Literature and projects)
Mobile analytics    
Call Detail Records Cell Phones Social Network Analysis, Population Mobility Patterns, Transportation System Planning, Awareness Campaigns, Mobile App. Usage Patterns [5258, 60]
Living Analytics    
Tweets and Comments Social Media Sites Social Network Analysis, Sentiment Analysis [12, 28, 71]
Search Queries The Internet Epidemic Prediction, Employment Status [12, 43, 44]
Click History The Internet Recommender Systems, User Behavior [12]
Text The Internet Cultural Changes, Policy Effectiveness [12]
Financial Data Credit/ Debit Card Transactions Fraud Detection, Marketing [12]
Personal Health Data Wearables Healthcare [2, 12]
Visual Analytics    
Images Satellites Mass Movement, Surveillance, Disease Control, Transportation [12]
Climate Variables, Temperature, Pollutant Levels Sensors Weather Forecasting, Pollution Control, Urban Planning [11, 103]
Geo-Location Cell Phones Mobility Patterns, Social Network Analysis [60, 104]