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Fig. 1

From: Survey on data science with population-based algorithms

Fig. 1

Relationship between data science with evolutionary algorithm and swarm intelligence. Figure 1 gives a simple illustration on the connection between data analysis and swarm intelligence/evolutionary algorithms. Data science concerns the extraction of useful information from raw and massive data. It contains several processes on the data, such as collection, management, data analysis, model building, and visualization. Swarm intelligence is a relatively new subfield of computational intelligence which studies the collective intelligence of a group of simple individuals. In the swarm intelligence, the good optimization results could be obtained from the competition and cooperation of individuals. The aim of data science with evolutionary algorithms/swarm intelligence is to combine the strengths of evolutionary algorithms/swarm intelligence and data science techniques. It has two meanings: potential applications of evolutionary computation algorithms in data science and data analytics techniques in enhancing evolutionary computation algorithms. With the data analytics during the optimization process, the relationship between the algorithm and problems could be revealed. Evolutionary algorithms/swarm intelligence could be utilized to solve real-world big data analytics problems

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