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Table 5 FedDMV vs. TRDb (Pros and Cons)

From: A comprehensive model for management and validation of federal big data analytical systems

Easy data management of centralized DB. No “single version of the truth”.
Better data validation practices that are driven by intelligent methods (association rules). Manual validation.
No more manual manipulations with data and tables, the analysts use the FedDMV tool (leads to higher security). updates and maintenance difficulties.
Resilient data integration and standardization routines. Data not comprehensively structured in tables. Difficult publishing and sharing.
Less manual work by engineers and federal employees. Automated data streaming routines available. Data overlap/redundancy between different databases – results in many inconsistencies. No automated data streaming routines.
Easier sharing and publishing. Role-based data security. Uses hand entered data that increases the risk of errors. Data security constantly compromised.
Access to advanced analytical capabilities. TRDb lacks tools that allow access to analytics.