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Table 3 Nomenclature of important parameters

From: Bio-inspired optimization algorithms applied to rectenna design

F Center frequency of antenna A e Antenna efficiency of antenna
B Band width of antenna R L Return loss of antenna
P in Input power of rectenna P out Output power of rectenna
η a Efficiency of antenna η m Efficiency of matching circuit
η r Efficiency of rectifier circuit P T Transmitted power from source
W Width of RMPA L Length of RMPA
W 0 Feed width of RMPA L d Inset feed length
g Notch width ε 0 Vacuum dielectric constant
X min Minimum constraint of antenna size X max Maximum constraint of antenna size
μ 0 Vacuum permeability Z in Antenna input impedance
Γ Voltage reflection coefficient VSWR Voltage standing wave ratio
Q rad Quality factor due to radiation losses Q c Quality factor due to conduction losses
Q d Quality factor due to dielectric losses Q sw Quality factor due to surface waves
Q t Total quality factor tanδ Loss tangent of the substrate material
G Antenna gain v 0 The speed of EM wave
k 0 Spatial angular frequency of wave G abs Absolute gain
P rad Radiation power of antenna U max Maximum radiation intensity
D 0 Directivity of antenna with single slot D AF Directivity of array factor AF
e BW Efficient bandwidth ratio F AL Aimed lower conner frequency
F AH Aimed upper conner frequency F DL Designed lower conner frequency
F DH Designed upper conner frequency σ Conductivity of patch
D Directivity of antenna e cd ntenna Radiation efficiency