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Table 1 Available layers built into the substrate package

From: A substrate for modular, extensible data-visualization

Layer nameDescriptionUseful for...
AxisLayerContains an RGB axis at the scene origin...orienting the user in space
GraphLayerA graph renderer with support for many millions of nodes or edges...complex networks
ImageLayerImport 2D images and render them as a plane...displaying static iamgery
LightingLayerThree-point lighting scheme, as commonly used in film and 3D graphics...easy lighting setups
LineSegmentsLayerA list of line segments to be rendered individually...paths or wireframes
MeshLayerArbitrary 3D meshes, imported in common file formats such as OBJ...arbitrary 3D solids
ScatterLayerPoint-clouds of many millions of points...colored scatter plots
VolumeLayerA visualization of dense 3D voxelwise data...rendering volumetric data